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Decided to go to a modern drivetrain, LS based engine, 6.0L stroked to a 408, 4L80E trans witha Yank 3400 converter, well this meant a few other upgrades, Tanks Inc fuel tank with intank 400 gph pump, Griffin radiator with dual fans,


all fuel system using AN -6 fittings



Trans lines hit the tunnel so found these banjo fittings made for the 4l80e, fit perfectly.



PCM and relays under the dash, new dash pad, Dynamat and all wiring re-done.



I used ICT Billett accessory drive brackets, I wanted the alternator/power steering pump as close to stock location as possible. 02 Camaro P/S pump. 69 Camaro Dynatech headers fit great.








The Speartech harness and PCM was easy to work with and engine fired right up! 

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The last few months have proved that Abbotsford Real Estate Market is booming, East Abbotsford has reduced listings so there have been numerous multiple offers recently.



The benchmark price for a detached home in the Fraser Valley in April was $595,600, an increase of 5.2% compared to April 2014 when it was $566,000.


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SURREY, BC – In March, sales on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) reached the highest they’ve been in nine years. The Board processed 1,857 sales, a 47 per cent increase compared to the 1,259 sales in March of last year. Sales during March of 2006 were 2,072.

Jorda Maisey, President of the Board, attributes the strength in the market to a number of factors. “Our
population is growing, interest rates continue to remain supportive of housing demand and consumers are
confident. It all adds up to a desire to invest in real estate now.”

In March, the Board processed 11 per cent more new listings compared to March 2014, however higher sales
eroded the number of active listings. March finished with 8,193 active listings of all property types, 7 per cent
fewer than available during the same month last year.

Maisey adds, “It’s important to emphasize that supply and demand vary depending on property type and location.
Currently, demand for single family detached homes is outpacing supply in most Fraser Valley communities
resulting in lower inventory levels, upward pressure on prices and homes selling faster than they did last year.
“For buyers looking for a detached home or in certain areas a townhome, your REALTOR® will advise that selection
is limited, you will have less time to make decisions and their ability to negotiate a lower price for you is
diminished. This is not the case if you’re looking to invest in an apartment or an acreage property where the
market continues to favour buyers.”


The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board is an association of 2,809 real estate professionals who live and work in the BC communities of North Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford, and Mission. The FVREB marked its 90‐year anniversary in 2011.

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So here is the finished table. Most tables I have seen are only the block, I chose to have the heads, cams and chains on.





I used solid aluminum stock for the glass support, which I drilled and tapped to screw into the intake holes.

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I stumbled across an image of a Ferarri engine under glass as a coffee table. Pretty cool. The wife would not allow it in the living room but I got the ok to put one in the basement.


So I wanted an all aluminum engine for weight issues. I came up with an all aluminum Northstar V8. Double overhead cams, 32 valve engine. 



Now that its stripped down, I will send out for a clean ans then re-assemble with the cams and chains assembled to show the valvetrain movement. Not sure if I will try to polish the aluminum or paint it aluminum coor. A nice heavy plate glass mounted just above the heads should look interesting.


Here are some other examples I have found on the web.





Options and styles are endless.

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After 8 years as a Realtor with Keller Williams Valley Realty an opportunity presented itself through some fellow colleagues. Through the spring of this year an idea was born to gather like minded indivuals to form a boutique Real Estate office in Abbotsford. Vybe Realty was born. All of us partners have years of experience in the Fraser Valley Real Estate market and are committed to provide outstanding personal service.


I am fortunate to have conceived this new office with four other adventurous individuals (Marcus Ortner, Steve Gobeil, Jenn Collins and Ruth Meehan).


Vybe Realty finished its first full month in May 2014 and we are very happy that Vybe Realty was #1 office (6 to 12 licensees) on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.


Vybe is a small boutique office located at 112-2632 Pauline St, Downtown Abbotsford.


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Open the attached link to reveiw CHMC 2013 spring housing forecast.

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Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

For Immediate Release: April 3, 2013

Lower inventory keeps home prices in check as ‘slowbut steady’ market continues.

SURREY, BC – In March, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board processed 1,128 sales on its Multiple Listing Service®
(MLS®), a 20 per cent decrease compared to the 1,412 sales during the same month last year, and a 24 per cent
increase compared to February’s 913 sales.


The Board also received 11 per cent fewer new listings in March compared to last year – 2,736 compared to 3,066
– keeping inventory in check. March finished with 9,503 active listings, 1.5 per cent fewer than March of last year
and 3.5 per cent fewer than the 9,832 available during March of 2009; the highest volume of active listings for that
month in the last decade.
Ron Todson, President of the Board, explains, “Although we saw a typical spring uptick in activity from February to
March, our sales remained at about 70 per cent of the norm for March and our new listings came in at 90 per cent
of what the Board would typically receive.
“Because inventory levels are in check, prices are staying in check.”


In March, the benchmark price of single family detached homes in the Fraser Valley was $544,300, an increase of
0.6 per cent compared to $541,300 during the same month last year. For townhouses, the benchmark price was
$298,200, a decrease of 1.7 per cent compared to $303,400 in March 2012 and the benchmark price of apartments
was $204,200, an increase of 0.8 per cent compared to $202,500 in March 2012.
Todson adds, “Inventory levels are not as high as they need to be to put significant downward pressure on prices
of the benchmark, or ‘typical’ home. These are homes that have characteristics most common to houses in a given
“In fact, we’re seeing the reverse happen. Benchmark prices for all three main property types in the Fraser Valley

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Cool video of a son who tracks down his dads 65 Impala SS after many years and re unites them both.


Copy and paste to your browser






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Here is the dash and rear window trim painted.







After 4 years, parts can finally start to go back on for good. Should last another 46 years and then some.


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Quite a lot has happened the last year a little at a time,


Once the chassis was complets and the firewal painted in body colour black it was time to mate them back together.




The body work began with the car being assembled numerous times with most items like grile, bumpers, doors, hood, chrome etc installed and the panel gaps and bodylines checked.



Body work.






I have a new found respect for the body work stage, other than the trunk floor, ( that was all me)  good freind Dave Pucek was responsible for countless hours of dedicated work on saturdays. Many, many thanks as this was not possible without Dave.



Then it was time for Dave's brother Mike Pucek"s turn! After the body work was complete it was time for  poleyster filler primer.



Mike long blocked the filler primer down so the body was straight, then, did it all over again! That was time consuming. Needless to say I left that to the experts.



With that being done twice, the finished product was super straight, as Mike would say!



The floor pans, under the headliner, under the package tray and all those hard to reach areas that the factory "misted body colour" in was sanded, etch primed and painted black.



Next was the interior floor and trunk area in body colour.




With the final primer on, Its ready for paint. 




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It has been a while with any posts on the progress of this car. In the fall of 2010 after replacing most of the sheet metal from the doors back, it was discovered theat the frame was rusting from the inside out! I found a complete rolling chassis in San Bernadino CA. 54 hours later I was back with a nice rust free chassis. It was out for sandblasting, checking the frame for straightness and paint.
Body off the frame and cleaning off the underside.
Old chassis and new.
With the undercoating off, the underside is stripped and cleaned of seam sealer etc.
New seam selaer is applied.
First coat of satin black paint.
Front suspension going together.
Rear suspension and diff installed. Everything that could be installed as new was with new bushings, brake lines, wheel cylinders, bearings, shocks, ball joints, tie rods etc. All the original hardware was restored as new. Just waiting for new clips for the brake lines and fuel lines. The firewall will be painted black body colour and then the body will be back on the assembled chassis.
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The ultimate car storage.
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(Surrey, BC) – Fraser Valley buyers and sellers continued to take a holiday from the real estate market in August with the region’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) showing a decrease in sales, new listings and overall inventory compared to July.

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) processed 997 sales on its MLS® in August, a decrease of 44 per cent compared to the 1,786 sales during the same month last year and 9 per cent fewer than in July, however 10 per cent more than the 910 sales in August 2008.

Deanna Horn, FVREB President, explains, “In August, sellers in the Fraser Valley took as much of a

break as buyers.

“Even with our slowdown in sales, we’re seeing inventory edge lower. Since May, we’ve seen our

volume of active listings decrease by 10 per cent.”

The Fraser Valley Board posted 11 per cent fewer new listings in August compared to the previous

month, the fourth month in a row of declining new inventory. At the end of August, the total active

inventory was 10,287, 5 per cent less than in July, however still 14.5 per cent more than the selection

available in August 2009.

Horn adds, “Our selection of homes is healthy, interest rates remain historically low and prices are

moderating, which represent excellent conditions for buyers. We’re currently seeing residential prices

edge down month-over-month, but remain 4.7 per cent higher than they were a year ago.”

The benchmark price for Fraser Valley detached homes in August was $510,107, down 0.1 per cent

compared to July and 5.4 per cent higher compared to $483,839 in August 2009.

The benchmark price of Fraser Valley townhouses in August was $324,485, a 0.4 per cent decrease

compared to July and a 4.5 per cent increase compared to August 2009 when it was $310,389. The

benchmark price of apartments decreased by 1.9 per cent from July and increased 1.5 per cent year-overyear going from $236,146 in August 2009 to $239,659 in August...

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Government of Canada Takes Action to Strengthen Housing Financing

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced a number of measured steps to support the long-term stability of Canada's housing market and continue to encourage home ownership for Canadians.

"Canada's housing market is healthy, stable and supported by our country's solid economic fundamentals," said Minister Flaherty. "However, a key lesson of the global financial crisis is that early policy action can help prevent negative trends from developing."

The Government will therefore adjust the rules for government-backed insured mortgages as follows:

  • Require that all borrowers meet the standards for a five-year fixed rate mortgage even if they choose a mortgage with a lower interest rate and shorter term. This initiative will help Canadians prepare for higher interest rates in the future.
  • Lower the maximum amount Canadians can withdraw in refinancing their mortgages to 90 per cent from 95 per cent of the value of their homes. This will help ensure home ownership is a more effective way to save.
  • Require a minimum down payment of 20 per cent for government-backed mortgage insurance on non-owner-occupied properties purchased for speculation.
"There's no clear evidence of a housing bubble, but we're taking proactive, prudent and cautious steps today to help prevent one. Our Government is acting to help prevent Canadian households from getting overextended, and acting to help prevent some lenders from facilitating it," said Minister Flaherty. "If some lenders aren't willing to act themselves, we will act. These measures demonstrate the Government is committed to taking action when necessary to support the long-term stability of a sector that is so vital to our economy and the financial well-being of Canadian families."
These adjustments to the mortgage insurance guarantee framework are intended to come into force on April 19,...
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I have not seen this car for some time, unfortunatley it's in the same spot as last time i saw it. Owner has had the car for many years and hopes to have it restored one day.
It's a factory FM3 Pink car! 340 4sp, bench seat.
I am not sure on how many pink Dusters were made in Canada but there were ony 414 made in the U.S.
Here is what the car looked like when it was new.
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With the HST upon us fairly soon, here is some legal information courtesy of Spagnuolo & Co Real Estate Lawyers.
On July 23, 2009, British Columbia announced its plans to implement a Harmonized Sales Tax ("H.S.T.") for B.C. effective July 1, 2010. The H.S.T. is a combination of the 7% Provincial Sales Tax ("P.S.T.") with the 5% federal Goods and Services Tax ("G.S.T.") for a single sales tax rate of 12%.
For consumers, goods and services (with some exceptions) will be subject to the H.S.T. in the same manner as they are currently subject to GST. This applies to real estate as well.
For both used and new homes, there are some extra costs for buyers or sellers but these are for the services required to buy or sell, not on the price of the home.
Buyers of used residential real estate can expect to pay H.S.T. on items such as home inspectors, appraisals and other such services. Lawyer fees will not change as they have been forced to charge P.S.T. for years.
Sellers of used residential real estate can expect to pay H.S.T. on realtor commissions, and any other services they may use (we can’t think of any).
H.S.T. has different implications for used residential real estate and new residential real estate. There are also different rules for commercial properties, mobile homes and other types of real estate. Below is an explanation of each situation.
There is no H.S.T. on the price of used residential real estate, much like the current rules regarding G.S.T. There are no extra closing costs on the purchase or sale of a used residential house, subject to the comments above.
Here is where the costs will increase.
H.S.T. will be payable
on the sale of new or substantially renovated homes, where the Contract of Purchase and Sale was entered into after November 18, 2009 and both ownership and possession of the home is transferred after...
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                 Not sure if this a Cuda or Challenger but it seems that it requires some tlc.
                         This rat rod with Alberta plate cruised by me heading east on the #1.
            Back in the garage. A freinds hot rod that threw a rod out the block awaits a fresh engine.
                                                                    Local 71 Scamp
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For immediate release: January 5, 2010



(Surrey, BC) – Results from Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) in

December reflect the real estate story of 2009: recovery.

“In 12 months, we went from the worst January in 20 years to the third best December,” said Paul Penner, President of the Board. “Home buyers took Boxing Day shopping to new levels with some Fraser Valley REALTORS® showing multiple homes per day between Christmas and New Years.”

According to Penner, a significant portion of the 148 per cent increase in activity in December’s sales,

1,260 compared to 508 in December 2008, can be attributed to first-time home buyers confident with the current economic conditions and taking advantage of all-time low interest rates. “An informal poll of our members in December revealed 40 per cent of home sales were by first-time buyers when it would normally be in the 25 per cent range.”


The trend overall for 2009 was one of increasing sales, decreasing inventory and prices rebounding. The Board’s MLS® processed 16,721 sales in 2009, compared to 13,194 the previous year, an increase of 26 per cent. However, it received 15 per cent fewer new listings during the same time period – 30,221 in 2009 compared to 35,651 in 2008. Over the year, the number of active listings for buyers to choose from dropped by 34 per cent going from 9,960 properties in December 2008 to 6,534 in December 2009.


“We’re seeing the combined effect of fewer homes being listed, which is normal for this time of year, a

flurry of buying activity, plus a decrease in the number of new homes being built. This has put pressure

on prices in the Fraser Valley, particularly on homes in the lower to mid-range markets,” explained


The MLSLink Housing Price Index (HPI) benchmark price for detached homes was $497,732 in

December compared to $464,189 in December 2008, an increase of 7.2 per cent. Although prices have


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(Surrey, BC) - The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board credits ‘move-up’ buyers and greater affordability for the second best August in its real estate sales history, bolstered by a summer of historically low interest rates.

There were 1,786 sales processed in August, an increase of 96 per cent compared to the 910 sales during the same month last year. Add in sales from June and July generated by many first-time buyers and the result is 5,857 sales– outperforming the summer of 2007, at 5,800, but far from matching 2005, when summer sales peaked at 6,866.

“The last three months was a welcome return to a busier, more stable market, but also a discerning one,” describes Paul Penner, President of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. “Not every house was flying off the shelf like they did four years ago.”

“It’s a more complex market now, with variations in activity depending on the area and price and it requires knowledge, knowing what’s selling, for how much, and why.”

Penner says stability has returned to house prices, but with the average days on market in the Fraser Valley effectively remaining unchanged for six months, at just under 60 days for most property types, pricing remains highly competitive.

“Our August market poll reveals how much price matters. Over half of Fraser Valley buyers qualified for a

conventional mortgage putting 25 per cent or more down, yet 39 per cent of REALTORS® who participated in our survey reported challenges in closing sales due to their clients’ inability to reach financing terms.”

The MLSLink® Housing Price Index (HPI) benchmark price of a detached home in August was $483,839, a decrease of 3.5 per cent compared to August 2008, when it was $501,317. In the last three months, the HPI benchmark price of a detached home has increased by 3.8 per cent.

The HPI benchmark price of Fraser Valley townhouses decreased 4.7 per cent from $325,833 in August 2008 to $310,389 in August 2009, and...

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Need some storage for your garage?  Left overs from a Caninet shop.
Great deal for the budget conscious car guy. 
Choose from base (lower) and wall cabinets left over from previous large scale projects
that would be great in a garage or workshop. Many sizes and configurations
can be built from what are available.  Some that are suitable for race car trailers
with limited space.  First come first served as supplies last.
There seems  to be a good selection at this time including doors.

All basic "orphaned" wall or base cabinets  $40 each!

For $20 more you can have doors to match if they have them in stock also.

Again first come first served. This is a really inexpensive way to add
some good storage and work surfaces to your shop, trailer, basement or
Contact Pierre at Stoney Creek Cabinet Co. Located in Coquitlam near United Blvd.
604 808 7425


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A few fellow Mopar owners attended the Early Ford V8 car show at Hougen Park recently. It never ceases to amaze me at the new rides comming out of local garages. It was a great day and of course all the corn on the cob you can eat!  Here are a few entry's.
                                                           Plum Crazy Challenger R/T
                                                                      70 Boss Mustang
                                                    Very cool big block Torino GT
I didn't get a chance to speak with this owner to find out exactly what this car is however the attention to detail is mind blowing. Little things like all the phillips head screws on the light covers are alligned the same way. On the inside of the hood is an airbrush picture of the Cobra snake head! 
Here are a few cars that caught my eye while driving around the valley.
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August 5, 2009
SURREY, BC – Fraser Valley saw the highest number of real estate transactions ever recorded for the month of July. There were 2,089 sales processed on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board's Multiple Listings Service® (MLS®), an increase of 62.3 per cent compared to 1,284 sales in July of last year. The previous highest July was in 2005, with 2,051 sales.
"The factors contributing to last month's sales are completely different than they were in 2005," explained Board President Paul Penner. "Low interest rates, home prices that are lower than last year by about 6 per cent, and a surge of first-time home buyers that came back to the market in late spring have created the right conditions for a 'move-up' market.

"In July, 37 per cent of Fraser Valley buyers were first-timers. In June, it was one third. That volume creates a significant ripple effect, as the sellers of those homes buy up."

Penner said that despite seeing an increase in new listings over the last few months, current demand has led to a shortage of inventory in certain markets. "Whether you're buying or selling, it's important to tap into local housing market expertise. Your REALTOR® will be able to explain why some properties are attracting multiple offers, while others aren't moving."
The Fraser Valley Board's MLS® showed 9,510 active listings at the end of July, a decrease of 22.7 per cent compared to the record high of 12,299 listings available in July of last year. It received 14.3 per cent fewer new listings in July; 3,207 compared to the 3,742 new listings received during the same month last year.

The benchmark price measures the value of a 'typical' Fraser Valley home as determined by the MLSLink® Housing Price Index (HPI). The HPI benchmark price of a detached home in July was $477,420, a decrease of 5.6 per cent compared to July 2008. In the last three months, the HPI benchmark...

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                  Here are a few local cars that made the cruise to Langley for the Mopar show.
                                                            70 Panther Pink Cuda AAR Clone
                                                                    67 Coronet 500 440
                                                  Super attention to detail on this big block 69 Dart
                                                                   Super clean Scamp
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Carl at Maximum collision has recently come up with a great idea for a rotisserie for his Nova wagon streeet rod. We all know how hard it is to get to the bottom of a car for restoration work. Rotisserie's have been around for some time, however buying one would most likley require some alteration for your particular vehicle. Not to mention the cost. Here is a great example made of exhaust tubing and some steel.
Being an octagon it can be rolled with 2 people and would need a 10' ceiling to roll over. A fairly straight forward project to get your car up in the air.
Here you can see the alterations made to the rear wheel tubs to allow for the bigger tire.
An extra stock frame rail being added for strength as the outer one had to be altered for the large tires.
Factory rear tire size and the new size.
For all your collision needs ,
Maximum Collision Ltd
2778 Emerson st
604 859 9223
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63 Riviera that the owner has had for 25 years! 3rd owner. Last time it was on the road the owner made a trip to a Riviera show in Lake Tahoe, on to San Francisco and up the coast. Great road trip in a very cool car. It's currently getting a makeover with new paint and interior.
Check out the sensor for the auto headlights on top of the dash.
Then the neighbor said he has an old truck. Lets have a look.
55 Chevrolet pickup that has sunk to the floorboards.
This trunk was driven down from the interior not that many years ago. Amazing what the elements can do to a vehicle.
Darn, someone stole the battery!
Nothing a little spit and polish can't take care of.
It seems this owner likes to collect cars too,
55 Chevrolet 210 with Bel Air trim. 350 4sp. Doesn't it scream American Grafitti !
and a 67 Camaro RS awaiting it's turn.
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                                            Go Fish? Late 60's Cuda awaiting it's new life.
68 Road Runner 383 4sp, bench seat. Originally Turbine bronze and vinyl roof. Current owner has chosen to remove the diamond tuff seat covers. THANK YOU.
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Some great news.


For immediate release

BC Housing Market Stabilizing
Balanced markets emerging in Victoria, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Vancouver, BC May 26, 2009.As part of its Spring 2009 Housing Forecast, the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reported today that housing market conditions have improved more rapidly than expected. As a result, BCREA has revised its home price forecast upwards, reflecting greater price stability through the balance of the year. The average Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential price in British Columbia is forecast to decline eight per cent to $420,600 in 2009, instead of 13 per cent originally forecasted at the beginning of the year.

“The majority of the decline in home prices has already occurred,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. “Balanced markets are emerging in Victoria, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. There’s now little downward pressure on home prices in these areas.”
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After many years of hibernation Johnn'y Dodge's Bee has recently seen some progress.
Way to go JD! Don't stop now. 
Calling car 3? Car 3, Car 3?
1962 Plymouth Police car out of the U.S that has been restored. This owner has numerous Vintage Emergency Vehicles that are used for parades, displays, weddings, movies and community events.
Nice to see them restored and not robbed for their valuable parts.
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When this enthusiast found a 69 Coronet 500 383 in Santa Cruz CA the decision was made to drive it home.  Almost home near Bellingham it started to snow!   6 inches of the white stuff quickly made the decision for him to find a safe place to park it.  How people drove these cars back then all year around I will never know.
383 , Buckets and console, Vinyl roof, Magnums.
After removing the engine for a detail and cleaning up the firewall it looks good as new.
Here is another local Dart being reborn.
Fiberglass flip front end and a big block.
 A couple of old timers resting.

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I stopped in at K&M automotive this week to see a vast array of Muscle cars in the shop. Owner Corey Doerksen has always had a passion for a little extra HP and it seems that since the weather has been great the Hot Rods are comming out of hibernation. Whether your Hot Rod needs some maintenance, a little extra horsepower, custom exhaust, brakes or a correct part for your restoration Corey only does it one way. The right way.
64 Fairlane, 347 Stroker motor
70 AMX 360 T10 4sp with Rally Pak
Stunning 69 SS 396
57 Bel Air Convertible
I have known Corey for 20 years and have always been impressed with his automobile knowledge, passion and the willingness to take on something out of the ordinary.
Whether your Hod Rod needs a little something extra or the family car has a cold be sure to give Corey a call or stop by.
K&M Automotive
2665 Minter street
Abbotsford B.C.
604 859 3812
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I have driven past this house for 20 years and noticed the 1966 Satelite behind the R.V. Many years ago there was another 66 Satelite 2 streets over that I tried to buy. After making an offer I was told to call back the next day. Well I called back and after a short conversation was told the car was not for sale! I guess my offer was to low as the car dissapeared a few days later.
This Satelite was bought new by the current owner. 318, buckets and console. Unfortunatley the B.C weather has not been good to the old Mopar. Like to see it back on the road one day.
The owner also has this nice 1967 Fairlane 390 GT that he has had for 18 years.
Here is another enthusiast with a few toys.
Gorgeous 51 Ford
Mint T-bird and on top of the hoist is a Maserati / Lebaron? Who knew.
This street rod is stunning. Mustang SVT running gear should put a smile on your face.
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This 55 Pontiac was found in Alberta by the current owner and at that time(1980's) was not for sale. It had been sittng in a field for years at that time. In 1993 the car finally changed hands and was hauled out of the field and towed to Abbotsford. Ken has spent since 1993 restoring the car. A little more skin off the knuckles and it should be cruising around. I came across it when his garage door was open. Thanks for the story about the car Ken.
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 Welcome to the start of "Cars in driveways".  I am always looking out for old cars that have seen better days. Some of the cars are in progress or have not turned a wheel in many years.  Here is a few that I have known about for some time.
 Charger 340
Cool Dart GT Convertible
Johnny Dodge's 70 Bee that was a driver until, under some Bad Influence, decided to make it a racer. Unfortunatley that was 20 years ago and has not seen any progres since.
If you have an interesting old car sitting around or have a project in the garage I would love to feature it on my new site, " " Real Estate for car guys.
Thinking of Selling your home that has a shop or multiple garages?  Let's market your home to a target
audience that is looking specifically for what you have.
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